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the last tweet that had shade in it that joan rivers has made was about beyoncé

and welp, it’s bey’s birthday



happy bey day!


yall scaring me

Jesus, fix it. The Beyhive is a scary place sometimes.

Anonymous said: hey doll! do u know what good full cover foundation kim uses for her red carpet & her photoshoots & interviews? she looks flawless! & if u know what highlighter + bronzer + concealer she wears? lol im just obsessed with her makeup😩


Kim’s make-up artist said about her cheekbones’ make-up: „On the apples of cheeks, I applied Lancôme Blush Subtil in Rose Romantique. (A sheer peachy tone) Smile and sweep right on the apple blending out and up.
To warm up Kims skin and contour her cheeks, I used Guerlain Teracotta bronzing powder. I brushed a bit all along the hairline and jawline. I also applied some along the hollows of her cheeks to contour.
I gave Kim radiant, glowing skin with Giella’s Eye M Glam highlighter. I applied some along her cheek bones to give a dewey effect, on the bridge of her nose, cupids bow (right above the center of upper lip) and I also swept it along her decolletage, shoulders and arms. Lastly, I applied it to the inner corners of her eyes using a small liner brush to brighten and open the eyes.”


Kim uses: Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation (applied with MAC 180 brush) or Tom Ford Foundation in Caramel


Celebrating 33 Years of Greatness.

My idol. My inspiration. I’m just so grateful for everything you’ve done. You’ve brought me countless moments of joy and happiness over the years as your music unites the world.

I’m so proud to be in the BeyHive and to be able to witness everything that you share with us.

I can’t thank you enough.

Happy Birthday Beyoncé  !!!!

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